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Me too! You guys wouldn't believe what I paid for a 1970 Honda CL100 off E-bay. (I've paid less for some good used cars!) But it's been absolutely worth it! Everywhere I ride this thing. people stop me and either ask if it's for sale, or tell me a story about their early days 'on two wheels'. I probably had just as much fun in the late '60s on my Honda C100 Cub as I do today on my ZX10 or KLR. Really! Admit it guys.... you probably did too! Smaller bikes are just as much fun. Remember well a motojournalist taking a trip from NY to LA on a Honda 50 when they first appeared on our shores. I now fantasize of making that same trip on this 'CL' following wife in motorhome, on some back roads. Yeah, I'll take some good pics.

By the way, I'd love one of those Jaehling 125 or 200 DualSports too, but last time I checked they weren't DOT compliant. Anybody know what's up with that?
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