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Update On New Old Bike

Ok, it's worse than I thought. I charged up the bad battery and tried to crank the engine. It had the sound of no compression, uh-oh... This is what I found...or didn't find....

See something missing? (oops, how can one see something missing?) Upon further inspection.......and fishing.....

Funny little pieces.....and....

Do you see the bent exhaust valve? Being the lazy guy I am, I removed things in situ....

I think I can salvage the piston. Even the jugs look pretty good, hash marks still there. To be expected from a 13K bike, but what the heck happened to the cam chain????

So, it's either is going to be a labor of love or a parts bike, what do all you hardy souls think? Probably could make a few bucks on ebay and cut my losses, or fix it and dump loads of money into getting it nice? It's not like a special bike, although it's a bit unusual with the variable weight crank, air front suspension and "Full Floater Suspension".
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