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Originally Posted by DaddyBigDaddy
Last things you have any experience with TireBalls? They are a nightmare to install in a shop environment with 3 mechanics, let alone in TimBukTu with a stick and a rock. Try Bridgestone Ultra Tubes with Tubeless Tire "Slime" in them and Michelin Desert tires (EXTRA PLY SIDEWALL PREVENTS PINCHES)....on a 525 you will have no worries.
No, no experience with tireballs, they just seem like a good idea, I don't wanna be constantly fixing punctures... the Mondo Enduro guys at one point were fixing myabe 7 punctures per day. Thats just gonna sap strength and morale. I already have Michelin Desert tires... how about those, some 4mm (or are they 5mm?) "monster" inner tubes, and the slime? how much slime do you put in?

Originally Posted by DaddyBigDaddy
Get a DID VMX Gold X ring chain and never lube it...never! Run stock 15/45 for street and just bring 14 and 13 primary's, no need to swap rear. Start with an Ironman or SideWinder Tri-metal 45 Rear...they will last 10k miles!
Excellent. Thanks for the recommendation :)
How many miles would you expect the chain to last? or just change it at the same time the rear sprocket gets changed? May have to mail a few chain and sprocket sets (hmm... and inners/repair kits too) ahead of me.... or leave instructions for them to be mailed at specific times.

Originally Posted by DaddyBigDaddy
The HT is overkill.....the LC4 motor is only .25 liters more in oil capacity and 20% larger in displacement. Use Motul Synthetic 300V Double Ester 15/50 - I have run these set-ups in every RFS, LC4 and LC8 Baja bike we have built for the last 5 years without one failure.
Maybe overkill, maybe not. I'm prepared to pay the $400 for the peace of mind. After all, I think I'm already asking a lot of this bike for it to take me 40,000 miles! besides, how often am I gonna come across high quality oil? if I have more of it onboard, then theoretically, I can go longer between oil changes, right?

Originally Posted by DaddyBigDaddy
Look into the RTT steering damper built into the triple clamp with remote control.....awesome units.
Will do. I'm liking the look of the Scotts with sub mount tho.
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