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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
PotatoHo- those Primary Drive chains are shit. I think once you upgrade to a nicer quality chain you will agree with me on that one.

I also switched to a steel 50 tooth rear sprocket. Those aluminum ones wear too damned fast for my taste.
I'm inclined to believe you. I've run about 3 of them and was the same each time. Basically they would be OK for a few rides, but once they started going they went very fast. So far so good with the RK. Had a long ride today.

If you want a long lasting rear steel sprocket, try the Sunnex (Sunstar) Z Sprocket. Weird circular saw looking thing. I've not worn one of them out yet. I got it from ktm-parts for $35. It comes with special bolts but no nuts. Have to use your old nuts. I use a moose front sprocket.
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