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Originally Posted by DirtyVFR
About 2 years ago I entered an internet short film contest where they assign a topic and deadline. I shot this in a day:

The old guy in the poster is Chris Chaput. He owns ABEC 11 and designs all the wheels.

It's not a great story, but it's fun and has some classic Old School skating!



Any feedback come about from that film??

Street/vert skating seems like a great cross-training exercise for moto stuff ...especially trials (skaters seem to take to trials pretty naturally from what I've been hearding). My sport was primarily surfing right up until a year or so after I got my first moto in 2003. Still skate & surf, but not daily like before - there's a lot of ground to cover on the KTM !

Don't remember when these were taken - sometime between '98 - '04. My friends & I would all shoot B&W film & process in my darkroom.

Skimboarding is closely related it seems ...

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