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Originally Posted by HokieDNA01
Thank! It's an '00 model. Took it out for its first ride yesterday. Got stuck on a muddy hill. I definatly need to learn the technique for picking the bike up. I was on my butt quite a bit. VERY different from street riding and I have some bad habits to break (using the frong brake and thinking "i can't ride over/through that") Can't wait to get more practice though!!
A few differences. Going up just stand on the pegs and rock your weight back and forth to keep traction without the front end getting too light and wanting to come up. As for picking the bike up, just put your back to the handlebar/seat, bend down with your legs, grab them and walk them back up using your legs. It takes very little effort with such a light bike and that way you wont' do anything that can stress your back or your arms. :)

The bike *WILL* go over most anything and everything if you give it half a chance. Very easy to play with and will let you know the limits. Yes, the front brake is more responsive (by far) than the rear and yes the front brake on the dirt isn't nearly as friendly when grabbed hard as it is on the street, but it's still needed!

Practice? Practice is called FUN in this case. All the practicing and extra smiles come naturally. :)

Originally Posted by HokieDNA01
By the way LOVE your other bike in that pick. My boyfriend has a 5th gen VFR. One of my favorite bikes!
Thanks, I love my '98. That one is presently mine. I sold an R6 to get the SV-650 for the wife and she's been blasting all around on that. This X-mas I came across the XT and that was her X-mas present. We both love it, but I need to replace my DR-400s (stolen...argh) so we can go trail running. I *love* the XT's and this is the 4th I've bought, usually for roomates, etc. to ride. In this particular case, I'd look for another XT for myself but my legs are just long enough that they cramp if I ride it for more than an hour or so or on technical trails.

XT's are one of the best-kept bang for the bucks out there. Too bad Yamaha hasn't figured out there is a solid value in the dualsport segment. Suzuki sure has and KTM paid attention (07 EX-C's are street legal in the US now). It's high time they did something to regain their competitive edge. :)
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