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Good news and bad news

I'm glad to hear the front is a 19 inch since there are a bunch of dirt worthy tire choices. Yamaha killed the TDM 850 imo by putting an 18 inch front on it and I think Triumph is making a mistake by putting a 17 inch on the new Tiger.

Bad news on the big block engine. The bike may sell better in the USA with the 1200 engine, but the 750 small block would be sooooo much lighter. There is a gap in the market between the DR650, KLR650, etc. and the big bikes (Tiger, GS, etc.)

A 750 Stelvio could be even lighter than a wee Strom. I guess we will never know since MG is not likely to build a 750 Stelvio.

Originally Posted by rocker59
The Stelvio's front wheel is 19". A good choice IMHO.

The 850 engine is a "big block". In other words, yes, it is a downsized 1100. I don't know if the difference is bore, stroke, or both.

The 850 was originally intended for the European market. Chances are Stelvio will only come to the USA in 1200cc form.

I've owned a Quota and I really liked the looks. Unfortunately, airflow management sucked; it didn't have very good ground clearance; and the front forks were pretty weak for a 550lbs bike.

I actually really liked the Quota. The cool thing about them is that they are available for $4k to $5k in the used market.
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