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Originally Posted by johnjen
This is my intrepretation of The Garage. It isn't meant as a definitive nor complete description. It does capture how I see it though.

To me The Garage is about the art of wrenching and the collected wisdom, experience and knowledge that gets accumulated along the way. It's a place where those who have something to share (or have a need for others to share) can deal with a general mechanical question. It's meant as a catch all for those projects (like golem) that don't really fit into the 'regular' bike forums. It's also a place where those 'experts' among us can bring up topics and exchange ideas, experiences and the like in order to come to a better understanding of the subject of the thread etc.

In short it's kind of a virtual garage where 'special projects' are being discussed or worked on and various people show up from time to time and 'help out'. Where the latest 'discovery' is shared and insight is sought.

It is NOT about specifc bike or related equipment projects (those that the existing forums already cover). It's more general in nature and covers the exceptions (again like golum). So no it isn't the place for the 'How do I wire up my new horns' or 'what is the best tire for me' threads.

I kinda like the description of where master wrenches congrigate and swap stories and such (yes humorous stories are very welcome too).

I hope this helps.

I cannot believe you have to explain the garage. I believe some should have been out turning wrenches rather that attending some ivory league school studing debate, the world would be a much better place
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