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Originally Posted by Gordy
OK, this should be easy.

I need to weld some aluminum. I have one of the Lincoln 220V wire feed machines. I am using Argon. Can I just buy some aluminum wire and use the Argon? This is not a critical weld on a frame or anything.

I know............I need a TIG.
Yes use argon 100% and get some 3/64 Superglaze 4043 wire. You will also need a teflon liner for your torch and 3/64 or (.047inch) U-grooved drive rolls for your welder. When you get ready to weld set your drive roll pressure in the wire feeder so that it is enough pressure to push the wire but not bird nest the drive rolls if you fuse a tip. Usually you will set the drive roll pressure for aluminum a lot less than for steel wire.

The hardest part about MIG welding aluminum is getting the wire to feed through your welding gun, so keep the welding cable of your gun as straight as possible so the aluminum wire will not have to go through too many curves in the gun cable/liner. That is why you use a Teflon gun liner to reduce friction. There is also a sticker on the inside door of most Lincoln welders that has recommended settings for different thicknesses of metal, as well as different weld wires (like 3/64 dia, Aluminum wire).

If you are using the smaller SP175 220V machine then you might have to use .035 diameter wire.

The best way to MIG weld aluminum is with a spool gun or push/pull gun.
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