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Originally Posted by KTM640Dakar
To cut 1/4 inch plate you will need about 30 Amps. With plasma cutting the voltage is determined by the distance of the tip to the plate you are cutting. You don't really set the machine voltage on a hand held plasma cutter, you set amperage.
That's pretty good. You are the first person, Welding Engineer or otherwise, that went right to arc length.

Yea I get that. That the physics of the plasma in any particular gas, in this case air, set the arc voltage over the arc length.

I was just thinking that you might have played around and measured that voltage with a meter, or looked at it on a scope.

I realize I am asking more of a mechanical question. More like "How far back is the electrode from the face of the 'swirl cup' nozzle?" Or terms to that effect.

So, say select one of your more popular Lincoln hand held plasma torches. What is that dimension?

- Jim


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