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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn
Is this forum about the tools for the garage, the million stupid tyre rants (I think we need a whole forum just for silly tyre questions) or about how to do and fix things when they are broken, need attencion or even build you own crap...!?!?
Thats why i proposed to make sub-fora inside The Garage, so one can easily wander through the specific items, which could spare us from al the wading through the FAQ's who turn up because people don't see the answers hidden in the large cesspool of posting about anything.

So whats against a bit of Structure in The Garage so one can find the gear or tool one is searching for instantly?

On your harddisk it's so easy to bring in a little (automated) structure, so why not in a forum, it's so much more fun working in a nice and tidy garage ! (so why o why isn't my garage nice and tidy ???)
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