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Originally Posted by John in Leeds
Well Steve and Tim, some more, not sure about the improved looks, I donít think this could ever be a beauty but it seems the makers were more concerned with function. Foe BikePilot the only thing to bother with immediately 300 kms is oil change and filter. Rock and Road gave me a filter so it does not have to go back to them for a while as Iíll do it myself, easy 5 minute job.

Raining again. Thought I might get the chance for a dry ride but no chance today. Spent some time grinding the slot on the side stand to give a bit more cam over, donít want it to fall again for that reason anyway.

Ordered off road tyres for the spare wheels on a recommendation of a mate and a dealer. Barum/Mitus C02 for the back and Bridgestone ED 661 or 663 for the front Ė see how these work. Mentioned tyre rim clamps but mixed messages so will leave those for now. Dire warnings of taking this bike seriously off road. Risking some humiliation but the very few times Iíve been before managed ok with very inferior machinery. I know Iíll get better with practice.

Another bit of good news the starting has improved to second press of the button, using only the part throttle lever, just a touch till it goes, then onto full warm up. Wonder if it will ever be a first press when cold.

A couple of speed humps (sharp 4inch rubber variety) taken at 40mph felt a little unsettling no big deal but made me think the compression settings may be a little hard. I usually set up my bikes a little softer than most as I like to use the suspension travel but under full control. So forks are easy, wound in all the settings, counted Ďem made a note and then back and eased off an additional couple of clicks. Back end requires the side panels off to access the top of the shock for compression so seat off one 14mm nut and panels 5mm allen key less than 5 mins easy. Note different length of bolt,s shorter into plastic (polyethylene?) tank.

Some interesting stuff revealed here, it appears that there is only one butterfly serving the 2 injectors Ė this may explain the off idle roughness. Maybe worth further investigation

Panels are fairly simple and the front pair extend about 35mm in front of the radiator forming some sort of scoop, donít think it does any favours to the looks. Two fans should keep it cool but as yet I havenít noticed them coming on.

I seem to be having trouble with the pics as they don't show up in preview. Any suggestions
Nice bike..... more please
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