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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn
Do you Know what Dixlexia is...!?!?, I'm being hunt by this since i was born, but I manage to delelope collateral ways to increase other sense, like a blind will be better at hearing, so lets not even go there.

Exactly, *don't* go there, even if e wan'ts it so bad

Come on i know how hard it is communicating with people who are all about form, missing the function, but hey, it's *their* loss.
So shall we try to keep the Garage for the thinkers and The Toolers, and leave blabbermouth in yo mamma ?

My experience with Dyslexia is that posting and reading in Fora helps a lot, so come on post more about your Tooling

P.S. verry nice Drawing, but how about mass centralisation :wink
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