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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn
Do you Know what Dixlexia is...!?!?, I'm being hunt by this since i was born, but I manage to delelope collateral ways to increase other sense, like a blind will be better at hearing, so lets not even go there.

Can you draw like this...!?!?

can you think about thing like this..!?!?

when you do,, when we can talk, if not I forgive you since is not your fault you can only write , like is not my fault I can only draw.

besides go and read Nikola Tesla or René Descartes Biografy and you will learn how they were varelly able to communicate with the comun man but with out them this world will be much less evolve.

Or take for example the many developers of the Steam engine over the centuries most of them THINKERs , but not exactlly shopworkers

i can produce at least 20 other names of Brilliant man of sciences and thinkers, that were totally unable to life a normal life, many times because they were a Little to head of their time.
I apoligize as I was not aware of your disability. However, that makes you no less, nor no more of a common man, reguardless of your extensive college. I will not pursure this any further, by popular vote.

By all means continue about your tooling!
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