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Originally Posted by CR_TurboGuy
New to all this. Lincoln SP175, not the plus. Welding 16ga steel tubing. .25 wire. About what settings should I use, and what pressure should I set the gas at (CO2/Argon mix)?

Hi Josh,

There is a sticker on the inside of the Lincoln SP-175T door that has a chart on it. The decal has all of the setting info that you will need. First look up the wire size that you are using on the chart. Then the gas type Ar/CO2. The top of the chart has material thickness settings. They call out a number and letter according to the thickness with the number standing for wire feed speed and the letter standing for voltage. These settings are dead on. You should also set up the polarity so that the DC+ wire goes to the gun and the DC- goes to the ground clamp. Your flow rate for gas should be around 25 to 30 CFH. Make sure that there is no wind blowing in the area that you are welding in. Wind will cause your shielding gas 75/25 to blow away from the weld puddle and porosity will result. And no body wants welds with holes in them. Also maintain a 1/2 inch distance between the torch tip and the top of your weld puddle. Also push the gun with a 15 degree angle so you can direct the arc forward.

75%Argon/25%CO2 is the best gas for these small MIG welders.

Try .025 Super Arc L-56 wire in your SP-175T. It is the wire that was sent with the machine originally, and it is very strong wire that will feed the best and give you a nice clean weld.

good luck!
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