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Originally Posted by roverjohn
Um, I'm pretty sure that any extention cord will increase the resistance of the feed side of the circuit and therefor slow the inrush current not increase it. An extention cord helped the problem so a longer on could in theory help it more. A machine that blows the wall breaker to 'protect itself' needs to be redesigned so that likely isn't it either but good try. If it were me I would suspect that the guy's breaker might be worn out from all the breaking. The fault is intermitent so I'd look there first.

You have it backwards.

Yes an extension cord will raise the resistance in the curcuit and require MORE amperage to keep the correct voltage thus the breaker sees a higher AMPERAGE/CURRENT and fails. So using Ohm's law if V=IR the larger the R(resistance) the larger the I(current or amperage) to maintain V at 115volts.

DON'T use an extention cord between the wall outlet and the welders plug. Plug the welders cord into the wall outlet directly.

You are right that you may also have caused the breaker to weaken and tend to trip more. So replace it.
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