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Originally Posted by benp1981
I have a panasonic 260P gunslinger which is the combo Mig/Plasma cutter machine. It will intermittantly trip the breaker in the garage's panel when I first flip it on. The problem has been reduced, But not eliminated, with the use of a 25' extension cord rated for the amperage.

I've gone so far as to replace the breaker the welder called for (40 or 50 amps I think) to 100 amps and it still trips every once in awhile.

The breaker only trips on startup of the machine, Not in use.

what can I do to fix this annoying problem?

Todd is correct, lose the extension cord.

Does anything else draw power from this circuit?

Go back to a new 50 amp breaker.

What size is the feed wire? Is it rated for your usage?

Are all connections tight?
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