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Originally Posted by KTM640Dakar
Welding is like riding a bike. Once you learn it you will get up to speed quickly even if it has been awhile.

Yes, a great project for stick welding. Frames are nice and heavy and will take the heat of welding easy.
Try using a 7018 stick electrode. If you use a 1/8 inch diameter stick set your machine to DC+ and use about 95 amps if you are welding overhead, or 105 amps if you can weld in the flat position.

If you have not welded in a while try a 6013 electrode. It is a little easier to run. Both will over match the strength of your frame.

I hate to be a pest but this is probably very bad advice. Frames are usually high carbon steel and also tend to get heat treated after any welding is done on them. This is why you see stickers that say "NO WELDING" on truck frames. Welding will create stress risers in his frame if it's made from heat treated high carbon steel which may weaken it when he wanted to reinforce it. He should first contact Airsteam, if they are still around, or one of their huge user groups to find out what his chassis is made from before any recomendations can be made as to possible reinforcements. I really have no idea what Airsteam frames are made of so I would never risk being wrong by giving bad advice about welding on them but that's just me.
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