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Originally Posted by knary

I just had a conversation yesterday with a supposed friend of Keith's. She relayed the story as being pretty benign. Keith was struggling to stay afloat, making great parts and bikes, but being a shitty business person. Trek came in and asked if they'd like to be part of Trek, designing parts, but not building frames. Keith said yes and is still the head of Bontrager.

Am I being hypocritical for not liking Specialized because I know of very specific shit they pulled (having your lawyers go after a company for using "stumptown" in the name of a bike made in stumptown is bad enough for any sane person to say "fuck you Specialized"), and not disliking Trek for stuff I don't know that they might have done?
Part A. That's the story. Many of the Bontrager employees now work at Santa Cruz and SC is actually in the same location that Bontrager used to be in. Keith now rides a ton and is in really good shape. He puts in Mega-miles riding and testing all through the Santa Cruz Mountains and races 24 hour events (often with the Dirt Rag crew) and does several multi-day MTB stage races like the Trans-Rockies and Trans-Alps. The sale was a good thing, but it was still hard to take. Keith didn't get rich off of it but he has a great job now (and he didn't know then that the frame shop would be shut down so soon) and doesn't have to not pay himself to keep the payroll going.

Part B

You got me Knary. That lawyer shit can be harsh and I know Specialized has had some heavy handed moments. Man did they ever get screwed with some recent sponsorships. First golden boy MTB racer Filip Meirhaeghe gets popped for Epo and then they sponsor Quick-Step (Tom Boonen) and a fire storm erupts involving Patrick Lefevere past present and future indiscretions. When Johan Museeuw finally admitted drug use this past January (he had been caught and banned and had retired but kept denying it. His change of heart came when the prosecutor convinced him to plea bargain - a confession - Apparently they told him they had enough evidence to send him to jail.) Any way, Musseuw's confession opened up a can of worms and a lot of fingers are pointed at Lefevre. Specialized must be going not again! I think they make pretty nice bikes though.
What indiscretions are you worried about over at Trek?
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