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Laugh THE Rider Schools Thread...

Ok, this started out as a reply to "DBS --worth it..." and seemed thread-worthy... So, here goes…

What's been you experience with Rider Schools? Which have you attended? What were your goals/objectives? Were they met/exceeded? Where do you want to go next? Any repeat performances? Who rocks and when have you been underwhelmed?

Here are the ones I've been to:

Reg Pridmore’s CLASS @ Barber -- Best intro to track riding I could imagine. Very geared toward street. Reg is a living legend... whatever your objectives are--just GO! My opinion 100% positive. I would have attended this year, had they run East Coast.

Aaron Stevenson's Cornerspeed LVL1 @ VIR GRAND COURSE-- This is racer prep, or advanced street. These guys run a tight ship, good clean instruction, low rider/inst ratios, they are fun and cool as hell, but this is probably the most serious and intense school I've been to so far. I got a lot out of this school. If you want to go FAST, FASTER than you thought you could or should--with confidence... This is the place for you. I also left with a feeling of control that far exceeded what I came in with... Aaron's late-season school/track days are the ONE time each year that VIR runs grand course [two tracks as one]... that, in itself, is worth the price of admission... 4.5 Miles of track with a mile of 180MPH+ straight into a buttonhook off camber 180-degree hairpin turn officially called "BITCH". Again, I was 100% on Aaron's program and the folks at my local shops echoed the same...

Ed Bargy Racing School @ Jennings GP -- This is the quintessential RACING SCHOOL. Here you'll find dry theory on how to enter each type of corner, what the tradeoffs are in the racing lines, and why the track is designed the way that it is. You'll learn about racing, pure and simple and everything that it entails. I'm going to repeat, probably this year, because Ed will overfill your brain no matter how much time is allotted. Like a Master Yoda of the twistgrip, Ed KNOWS HIS STUFF. You leave smarter, more competent, and ready to RACE. Ed unwinds the BS of Glossy Magazines and Flashy Speed-Channel Production and focuses on conservation of energy/movement and making going fast look EASY. Here's where you'll hone your reference points, braking markers, line selections, etc.

So that’s my limited experience… All good, thus far… and, all Southeast US, thus far.

Here are the ones I'm planning to attend:
  • motomark1. I'm planning on either precision riding or dirtbike school. PROS: MIL/LE Search and rescue trainers? Outstanding Reputation. CONS: ???
  • Cornerspeed LVL2. Racing Next Level PROS: Uh, hells yeah! CONS: Your budget is measured in tires?
  • Cornerspin -- Aaron Stevenson's flat-track school for road racers. PROS: What’s cooler than flat-track? CONS: ???
  • Lee Parks' Total Control – Class to accompany Lee’s awesome book. PROS: Personally, I like Lee’s one with the bike, one with the world approach. CONS: ???
  • Schwantz School – LIVING LEGEND teaches you to ride HYPERFAST. PROS: Yeah, who doesn’t want to go. CONS: A bit pricier than some others…
  • California Superbike School – Keith Code’s school. PROS: Like infinity…. CONS: Again, your budget will be measured in tires.

Also, there's apparently some dude who's doing a 1-on-1 school at $300/hr where he uses chatterbox and coaches you around a track. There was a write-up in BIKE a month or so back on it. That was very interesting, seemed like it open up a "Golf-Pro-esque" niche to fast guys who need TIRE $$$... I'd be all about it as I’m sure may would many others... Are you listening, FAST GUYS???!?!?!?

Keep riding and smiling and, please, share your experience!

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