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I was looking for dirt, but Motormark's Precision Maneuvering School looks even more interesting. And he's within riding distance. I've always drooled at some of the schoolin available to LEO and Military riders. I was a little dissapointed at the MSF ERC - oh it was fine for what it was I guess, but I felt cheated at the lack of higher speed stuff. I understand the reasons (facilities and liability) but when I left the BRC I distinctly remember feeling 'Whaa all i got to do is play 20 questions at the DMV and I'm legal? We never went over 10mph!?!) When I took the ERC I guess I was expecting cardboard deer on a clothesline jumping out in front of your or something. I dunno, but it should be called 'BRC Refresher'. If I could make one and only one change to the MSF exercises it would be the 'Straighten and Stop' exercise needs to be on command, not 'pretend to react to a suprise situation'. Blow a whistle or something. I know I and a lot of other people had trouble commiting wholeheartedly to the turn knowing it would be aborted.

DBS is also available at Bear Creek, NC with Ike Dejager - 20/20 Racing. Don't know anything about him though.
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