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Originally Posted by datchew
Ok. You don't look any older than I do (and I look ten years younger than I am.) How in the hell do you find time for a 6000 mile trip?

Got no kids or school is my guess. I'm jealous.

No kids then.. that was a cross country and back about 4 summers ago. Finally worked up to 3 weeks paid vacation. Add that to weekends, and I had almost 28 free days. Budgeted out to $400 a week to spend after paying bills at home. Buddy of mine went with me. Two guys, two bikes, zero plan, except for to ride as far as we cared to every day without touching interstates, and be back in NY at the end. We were not living large. Lots of $5 a night for tentspace state and natioal campgrounds. The "green spots" on the map.
Are Kbikes old school yet?

My girlfriend flew out to Denver in the middle of it. She rented a GS1150 and joined us for part of the trip. Shes totally a trooper.

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