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Originally Posted by Shewbert
Hey guys, don't mean to hijack your thread, but......when you meet tonight do you want to kick around the idea of planning another one? If I might be so bold as to suggest Wednesday April 18th.

I'll be on my way down to Rawhyde Adventures and will get off the ferry in Pt. Angeles about noon on the 18th, it'd take me about 4 hours from there to Portland for an overnight stop. So, if you're up for another meeting by then it would be great to meet some of the guys I read about here, it'll help me judge what I read is true and what isn't!!!!!

If it's a strong possible go then maybe you could give me an idea of motels that are in close proximity to the place (ie; crawling distance)

Thanks I'll check back later.
Hey that sounds like a good excuse for the next get together, if you want to be close to a Motel then maybe around the Rose Quarter??????? or we could meet at the same place (which is very cool BTW), and arrange a DD for ya.
We have a few weeks to plan for it, we'll figure something out.
Keep in touch Shewbert.
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