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Originally Posted by mdloops
For the record, I obtained legal advice because of a threat to take legal action against me for this thread, a threat that I have an electronic copy of (which WILL NOT BE SHARED, so do not ask to see it). Legally, I feel by releasing any side of the story I could harm Wayne or his business, so I will not discuss details. For the problems I have faced through voicing my opinion on a product in the United States of America this simply isn't worth it.

This thread has turned into a feeding frenzy for those looking to pick fights; I feel it no longer helps anybody make an accurate or informed purchase with their money, therefore to avoid further problems and to ensure no harm comes of Wayne or his business I am completely done with this thread. If anybody has any further questions about my opinion of the product then you can email me.

All matters from here will be kept private. It is unfortunate that my being open and honest about my experiences has been construed by some as an act of malice against a company.

Have a good day and I hope something I have said here regarding the product itself will help others make better decisions than I have. Additionally, Wayne has come on here in other threads and defended his company, but I certainly feel that is unnecessary as I am not attacking him nor Cycleport.


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