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I think that Mark should have the ability to discuss all his problems with motoport here without being attacked. I've got a pair of pants that I absolutely love, and eventually will have the whole setup. Wayne's been great to me but I'm sure he's not great to all his customers (if you have 100 customers, your going to get a few jerks) so I'd expect that every once and awhile we will hear a bad story. Thats part of doing bussiness. I would like to hear what Mark has to say simply because he may be a pain in the butt, or he might have a legitimate beef.

Motoport is great, but don't become so invested in the product that you can't see any wrong with it ever! That's unrealistic and its going to trigger red flags for many buyers that read this thread and aren't even registered. Its much easier to buy a product after hearing a beef, deciding if its a legitimate complaint and then base your decision on it. People have had problems with Rukka, and Aerostich, bmw and Olympia too. We let those people discuss their opinions and Mark should too. We are trying to find out which product has the least problems, not which one is most vehemently defended by their owners (and I own a vstrom )

Mark you're also under increased scrutiny, and should outline your situation more clearly. You've bought a pair of pants and are attempting to return them. Are you expecting them to refund your shipping, are they messing with your visa card, (maybe making threats via email?), are they refusing to take the product back, is it damaged? Were they custom made, or standard sizes. Please flesh out all the details and understand that even if there is information that is negative towards your side, people will call BS if you don't supply it.

This thread is to help people make good decisions, not to flame those who don't follow the majority opinion. I also must remind everyone at this point that for every negative review you read on the internet you need to remember that there are a large amount of owners that won't bother posting because they had a great experience and thats the end of the story.
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