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+1 here.

You got it pretty well covered Harley. The words may say one thing but the tone is perfectly clear. I would also add for a guy who "doesn't want to hurt Cycleport" he sure as hell stomped anybody posting a positve response in an effort to throw some balance to this bullshit.

And no I don't have any affiliation to Cycleport. In fact.... I don't care if the stuff was from Walmart - as long as it works.

Originally Posted by harley1550
"Harley - your first and only two posts ever are on this thread and attacking in nature. seems much more likely that you have the hidden agenda. Sorry, you have no credibility in my book".

Whoa! No credibility in Canada boys 'book'! I hope I can sleep tonight. lol

Hey, I'm all for hearing problems folks have and balancing the pros and cons before purchasing an item. In fact, I did that in this case. I read the guys slam on Cycleport, on nearly every part of the equipment and company, though he likes to preface those slams with 'I don't want to hurt Cycleport' (lol!), before I bought. I read everything I could find on the net about Cycleport. From talking to folks here who have dealt with Cycleport, reading much different experiences online, and asking Wayne about his return policy and why someone would not get a refund, it was clear to me, without asking Cycleport about this guy specifically, that the guy is giving a 'partial' story. To label that as 'honest' because the guy prefaced his slams with 'I don't want to hurt Cycleport' is a joke. Who knows it is honest? The guy can say anything he wants to say, even the goofy inferences that he was threatened, and some will thank him for his honesty (lol) and some will call it as they see it, a half story full of holes. Such is life.

Call Wayne and ask about the return policy and what could possibly prevent you from being able to return your gear in the 30 day period. I think you'll be convinced that 97-98 out of every 100 trying to return gear for a full refund have no problems at all. I have zero doubt that I could return my jacket, pants, and both liners and get a full refund. Zero doubt, but I also know that all the gear I bought is in the same shape that it was in when I received it.
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