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First communication can be an issue - if someone calls me up and starts giving me grief, it sure takes extra effort to keep from giving it back. I know there are a LOT of people that think the customer is always right. They are - up to a point. If you've ever done retail - you know what I'm talking about.

Now - specific to this thread. Before mdloops ever called Wayne after getting his pants, he started a bashing! Even though he said he wasn't, looking at the thread title and the wording, it sure seemed like it to me.

While I can symapthize with his disappointment, I think it was a BIG mistake to start this thread at that time. Doing something like that is NOT going to make any vendor happy about making the customer happy. A little restraint might have helped out quite a bit.

Yeah, I know - people here are ripping on me, because I'm a manufacturer/vendor. IMHO it's best to try to see both sides of the issue.

The internet has both been a blessing and a curse. I've seen many times people just seem to feel a need to stir things up. Many times hiding their motive (if any) and true identity. I'm NOT saying this thread is about that - just a general observation. Edit: people here might be surprised to learn about the grief one gets just being a vendor in the particlular arena.

I have zero financial interest in Cycleport/Motorport.

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