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Originally Posted by makinwaves
However, for those that have problems or are not happy, customer service is quite poor and, although I'm guessing here, believe that Wayne becomes personally insulted that someone doesn't like his product and forgets his obligations regarding refunds, exchanges and guarantees.
I was planning to watch this from the sidelines, but now I need to say something. Last year I ordered about $2,000 of custom Motoport gear for myself and my wife. We weren't happy. It was bulky and just like d2mini, my wife wouldn't wear hers because it looked horrible on her. Even though Wayne is under no obligation to take back custom clothing, he took it all back.

We then ordered RIVA AX jackets and jeans in stretch kevlar from Wayne. They look and feel fantastic. I have yet to see anything that I would consider to be safer.

So, yes, Wayne does care about customer service after the sale. As for the clothing, the Ultra II suit looks like a potato sack with far too many pockets. (Sorry, Ultra II fans.) The RIVA AX is awesome.
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