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So how are things a year later?

I have enjoyed reading the various good reports on the BMW VM. It is refreshing to hear such good reports.

I want a protective suit that will provide excellent coverage from Road Rash, but I also need cooling for the hot days of summer.

I had been directed towards the stiff Air Mesh products from Motoport. If I cannot get my leg over the seat, that's a problem.

It seems the BMW product is the cat's meow. I wonder how the owners feel about your purchase, here a year later?

Also, can anyone provide helpful information about the optional hip armor? I cannot find any information on their website.

By the way, the only way I could bring up the VM product on the BMW dealer apparel website was to do a search. I could not find it under the normal BMW product listing for jackets.

Thank you for your help, recommendations and comparisons to the Air Mesh products from Motoport.
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