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Originally Posted by bone
I'll say this much: Wayne definitely seems to have a real problem with taking criticism, even constructive criticism. On some of the now-banned threads, this forum lost a lot of good information on general safety standards with regards to gear in large part because Wayne couldn't maintain his professionalism and ended up getting into a pissing match with License2Ill.

Having witnessed some of these outbursts and read rumours of how Wayne's businesses have failed in the past in large part due to his own personal conflicts, as a consumer I am pretty wary of doing business with Motoport. I have no doubt that their gear is some of the safest, toughest gear around - but that seems to be only the beginning of the 'issues' in too many cases.
You might be amazed at some of the things l2illwill said. He went waaaaay beyond any line of civil behavior. I found some of l2ill's postings on other forums, and I do not find him credible. He has denied any qualifications when asked about them. He attacked Wayne - period.

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