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Originally Posted by zed88
Mdloops what gear were you wearing when you got that rash? What was the situation?

Lowside at between 30-35MPH.

Bike was insured for more than I paid, so I bought a new bike.
These are the only images appropriate for posting. All pics were taken after 4 days of healing an after scrubbing the road grime out of the wounds.

1) I do not even need to infer from the text that the armor did not stay in place because he said "has me thinking that the knee armor didn't cover my knee and I slammed the knee down on the pavement." Also he said he wants motoport to improve the positioning of the armor so it would do its job better, that is all I was commenting on.

2) I have seen the results when zippers and seams fail from personal experience.

3) I know what road rash feels like. I know what poor gear feels like in a crash, and I have a pretty good idea of how well something will protect me in a crash. My 2003 Honda VFR was totalled as a result of this crash.

Any more skepticism about my experience?

I will repeat, I think I have been pretty fair here. I realize I am the odd guy out because motoport is highly regarded on here, but be careful what bluffs you try calling. I am not quesitoning anybody elses qualifications or motives here, please don't question mine.

Experience with material that "abrades through"

As compared to...........................

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Hey guys,

Sorry, I haven't checked the thread. On Thursday I crashed at about 50mph, sliding on my left side with my left leg under a VStrom 1k. On Saturday I rode a bicycle for 60 miles in the mountains and on Sunday I rode my TE450 all day in the desert. I have a LOT of road rash experience of the 20-35mph lycra kind. I'm the guy in front of you at Starbucks who your kid points at says "Daddy, why does that man's legs look like mommy's but with all of those scars on them ." I am intimately familiar with what could have been and I'm sure I'd be typing this between bandage changes, painful scrubbings, etc. I think the gear did it's job.

Having looked at the gear and my one injury, I think what happened was:

Bike was leaned a bit to the left when I grabbed too much front brake. I went down hard on left knee, elbow and shoulder. My ankle then twisted in under the bike and the bike and I become one, with my left knee pinned under the bike but it was held up a bit (full weight not on the knee) by the bars, topcase, who knows. I think the bruise/abrasion on the knee cap was caused by that initial slam to the pavement. I have some bruising on the inside of my knee but no pain. Seriously, it's nothing. We all had worse as kids playing football on the pavement.

I didn't take pictures of the jacket but probably should have. Oh well. It was pretty torn up but I don't have a single scratch, bruise, nothing. I was a little sore the next day but nothing unexpected. I've sent the kit back to motoport for repair (insurance pays the tab). I've asked them to:
  1. Move the knee pads up 1.5-2 inches. If I were going to dualsport in these pants I'd take the knee pads out and use hard knee guards or braces instead.
  2. Reposition the hip pads, giving up the zipper access to undergarments.
  3. See if they can make the leg bottoms wider to accomodate motocross boots. I wear Sidi Crossfires in the dirt. I haven't taken these pants dualsporting but no way I'm going offroad in anything other then my Sidi's
For me, the major selling point of the gear is it is so damn comfortable. There is simply no reason to not wear the gear at almost any temperature.

Well, That about sums it up.
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