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Eh since people are wondering if it works or not I will post a few examples of it working. Please do post if you find somebody who has had it fail and what the circumstances were.

Last night I hit the contents of a bag of cement (fell of the back of a
truck I guess) on the I-270 S to Montrose Rd. East cloverleaf and lowsided.
I slid approximately 150 feet. Half the asphalt was smooth, half was a bit
rough (more porous). I slid through the shoulder where all the nasty
rocks/glass/rustycans collect, about halfway through the slide.

Here's the gear report:

I was wearing an Arai Q/f, Held 2080 gloves, Motorport GP2 suit (2 piece
with full circumference zip), Wind boots (the 'cheapest' item I was wearing
- at least my $$$$$ Daytona's were sitting at home... :P). The suit has
several tears and holes where the armor and street made a kevlar sandwich.
The left elbow has a 1" in the first layer of fabric. The right forearm and
front right leg (from the lower thigh down) looks like a shoe a dog chewed
on. The first layer is torn/worn in these areas. From what I recall (the
suit is at home right now), there is no damage to any of the armor, nor is
there any penetration through all layers of the suit. The suit did an
outstanding job of abrasion protection. This suit is a blend of 1000 denier
cordura and Keprotec (kevlar fabric made by Schoeller). It's 100% breathable
(the air passes right through it). Supposedly the coolest suit on the

The armor in the suit clearly protected me from bruises, etc. The initial
impact with the asphalt (my right shoulder) was from about 12" up or so (I
was leaned over). About half way through I went from head first on the right
side to feet first on the left with a 180 deg. spin. From the looks of
things I slid though a pretty nasty pothole (about 2" deep) at the 90%
complete mark. The last time I went bowling I was more sore than I am now.

My right glove was pinned underneath me initially. My right hand hit right
after my right leg, and since I slid face down forward, my right arm was
basically down the front of my body (sort of like I was checking the jewels
;) ). The carbon fiber on the knuckles was ground through the hard plastic
into the fibers. There's a small pinhole through the first layer of leather
of one of the fingers (looking with the palm down). Other than the CF
damage, the gloves held up well - just a bit scratched up elsewhere.

The outside of the right boot is all scuffed up. The ankle strap is a bit
torn, but held up. I was not wearing my daytona roadstar GTXs.

The bike is bad. It hit the curb of the median tank first. There's a lot
of busted up parts (including a split tank)...

I have a dime sized bit of 'lining burn' on my left elbow - that's it.

Motoport is good shit...
Paul Hutchins

Thu, 19 Sep 2002
Check out the Ultra II Jacket review on gear review Still complaints about customer service, but no jacket failure.
Nick gives a great review on the Bay area rider forums
Another review mainly with pictures
Motoport is about function (like alot of our bikes) not style. If comfort and style are your primary considerations look elsewhere as this is a nitch product.
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