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Originally Posted by soloyosh
I sent Wayne an email inquiring about the plusses and minuses of CE certification and asking if he thought his gear would pass. I was seriously looking at the Trek 1-piece at the time. Rather than answer my email directly, he chose to air it here. He proceeded to imply that I was a dolt (debatable) for wanting gear that met the CE standards.

One of the "deleted" Motoport threads had Wayne threatening legal action against a poster.

His gear may be great, but I get the feeling that if I bought it I would not enjoy the support that he provides the "happy" customers.
Was this before or after the infamous License2ill thread where you were cheerleading license2ill as he crossed waaayyyy over the line? If you have written off motoport as a potential vendor, and you have never owned anything from motoport, what exactly do you have to add to this conversation other than casting aspersions. Well, nothing I guess, since that's what you did, again, in this thread.

I said it in that thread to his "face" and I will say it now, IMHO, License2Bill is a prick.

Bottom line? If you want CE armor, don't buy from motoport. If you value how your BUTT LOOKS more than trying to keep safer, don't buy mesh kevlar gear from motoport. If you buy from motoport, buy the gear for the correct application. If you buy it and don't like it, have a brain and follow the rules and you can get your money back, unless you asked them to hack up some material so that it would make your ass look good. If you don't have a pair of pants you can spare to send for really good fitting, buy some joe rocket, like mdloops. All of this is well documented all over the internet, if one would try google

I own the mesh kevlar with liners and I happen to like it. I hope it minimizes damage to my self, if I fall. It ain't particularly pretty, although it is kinda cool looking in a frumpy sort of way. There are some things I don't like about it and will try to order differently if I ever have occasion to order another set of gear. It still offers better protection than any other thing I have ever worn or tried on. I can live with it's minor issues. I don't care how my BUTT LOOKS, as long as it doesn't have road rash on it.

I am not trying to convince anyone to drink my koolaid. I don't care what others wear or ride. Whatever you wear or ride, please be safe.

However, whether it's motoport, Home Depot, McDonalds or whatever, if you are going to criticize a product in public, with which a LOT of people are satisfied, just because it doesn't happen to work for you, you can expect to be held to a pretty high standard of explanation. Just saying that "now I am not attacking " a company doesnt raise you above the fray you created while stating that the product needs to be engineered differently, to fit your needs, in the face of plenty of folks that are satisfied. I can't read
mdloops' mind, but it looked like the post was to try to pressure wayne. That would be the vinegar part of the old adage, "you can catch more flys with honey than vinegar".

As you can see, I ain't fly fishin with honey in this post.

And if you don't like KLR's, you can screw off for that too. I suggest you buy something else instead of criticizing my ride.

Whew, I've been wanting to say that for a long time.
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