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Hibbing, MN

Located in the center of the Mesaba Iron Range of Northern Minnesota, it's birth was because of the rich iron found there. In fact the town had to be moved in the early 1900's because it was found to be sitting directly atop a lode of ore.

Here is the monument "IronMan" it's HUGE look at the car on the lower right for the correct proportion.

There used ot be a billboard at the entrance to town claiming the Hull Rust Mine to be the largest open pit mine in the world. It's gone now so I guess somebody else has the right to be claimed the world's biggest hole in the ground.
A portion of the Hull Rust.

These "open pit" mines have to have the water pumped out during mining operations. So when all the "goodie" is gone a GREAT swimming hole is left behind!

This is where I attended High did Bob Dylan then known as Robert Zimmerman, maybe you've heard of him? It's actually a very elaborate building built by the mines when the town was moved.

This is a view down Howard St. notice the "hill" at the end of the street.

Here's a view looking back towards town from the top of that "hill" it's a mine dump as are the hills you see on the other side of town. This is where I did a lot of riding when I was a kid......steep rocky climbs!

City Hall

Stock Car racing is popular in this area....the clay oval with a mine dump in background.

A view from atop a dump looking back at the track. The hill in the backgroud with the water tower on it is "Pill Hill" a topsoil dump that a bunch of Dr's built their houses on top of.

Maple Lake...really just a black water muskeg swamp just a short walk through the woods from my folks house. It's full of catfish!

There is an abundance of wetlands (swamps) in the area so I had to deal with my share of mud riding as well!! not to mention a bit of clay and sand too!
These pics are just some old scans and I hope the quality aint too bad fer ya! I may just do a more current one of my "southern" home too someday.

See I got a lot of "Southern Culture" up north......catfish, red clay, stock car racin'..............

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