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Originally Posted by kewlbyme
Was this before or after the infamous License2ill thread where you were cheerleading license2ill as he crossed waaayyyy over the line?
If you filtered out the noise, L2I, made some good points. Points that were never really directly answered by Wayne. I agree he crossed the line but Wayne wasn't exactly a Saint in the whole exchange.

Originally Posted by kewlbyme
If you have written off motoport as a potential vendor, and you have never owned anything from motoport, what exactly do you have to add to this conversation other than casting aspersions. Well, nothing I guess, since that's what you did, again, in this thread.
Since the topic of Waynes customer service came up, I thought I'd share my experience with him. I figured I'd ask him the questions that concerned me directly in an email rather than fueling the fire on the forum. Rather than simply reply with answers, he chose to post in the forum and basically call me an idiot for wanting CE gear. Then he proceeded to slam the Halvarsson's gear, which later he admitted to only having seen pictures of. When called out on his criticism, he clammed up.

When you call your gear "the best gear in the world" you'd better be willing to be held to a very high standard to prove it.

Originally Posted by kewlbyme
if you are going to criticize a product in public, with which a LOT of people are satisfied, just because it doesn't happen to work for you, you can expect to be held to a pretty high standard of explanation.

I agree with you 100% on this. I would say that if you are going to criticize a competitor's product you should be held to an even higher standard.

If I can still get my questions answered by Wayne, I may still purchase his product. If it works, it works. As it stands I've had a much better experience with Halvarsson's thus far and they aren't even native english speakers.

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