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That's close enough. Good thread. The Jacket looks good. Is it better than motoport? Is Motoport better than Halvarsson? I don't know and don't care. The point is that they are both better than most and at the top end of the scale of gear. I am sure I would be happy with Halvarsson. I just happen to own Motoport Mesh, because I had never heard of Halvarsson and I couldn't find anything I thought was better at the time.

To everyone that buys Motoport.....good on you. I can personally attest to it.

To everyone who buys Halvarsson.........good on you, I am sure it is fine.

This repeated pissin and moaning about every last detail of spec, and ce, and all that just drives me nutts.

I own a KLR and it is great. I'd love to have dr and a strom and a gs and a ktm.........I love'em all. I just happen to own a KLR and will object when someone who has never owned one, tells me how bad they are.

Same thing to me.

Good luck to all and ride safe.
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