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Wiring compatibility


That said, I would add that I put one of these switches on a 2002 LC4 "hard enduro" with a straight plug in, one on a 625 SXC with a straight plug in and the last one, just installed, on a '07 525 EXC which also just plugged right in. All of the functions worked on all of the machines with the exception of the 525 where the kill switch had to be soldered into the existing wiring in order to have the stock kill switch on the right side and a second one in the CEV switch on the left. The color coding on the 525 and the CEV did not match at all but the functions were all the same (i.e., the horn, lights, turnsignals and off switch for lights all worked correctly.) The part numbers are the exact ones I used to order the older switch assembly in order to have the lights off position which I wanted.

In addition to the above the switch was much narrower on the handlebar that meant that the 525 clutch could be correctly positioned, impossible with the 950 Adventure switch that came on the 525. Also, this CEV switch could be positioned anywhere and locked down and didn't rotate on the bar. The Adventure switch had a plastic pin. If you filed it off the switch assembly rotated all over the place.

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