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Originally Posted by crazybrit
Is there any way to do forum specific searches using google?

For example. if I wanted to learn about "FMF" pipes on a KTM 950 Adventure I'd want to limit the search to the "Orange Crush" forum.
You can do something similar to this using googles "allinurl" keyword. -

On ADVrider, every forum has an ID, and every thread has an ID. You can add these to your search terms with the allinurl term, and google will restrict its search to URLs with that thread ID or forum ID.

Probably easier to provide an example.

URL for Orange Crush Forum:
Note the f=34 : this is the orange crush forum id.

URL to a thread (which happens to be in Orange Crush)
Note the t=154019 : this is the id of the thread in question.

Now, you may type somthing like this into google:

KTM 950 FMF inurl:"f=34"
This will limit the results to threads in Orange Crush.
Similarly, you can search a given thread, by looking at it's id, and adding allinurl:"id=XYZ" to your search terms. For example, the following search:
google allinurl:"t=163900"
will search *this* thread for the term "google".

The difference between inurl: and allinurl: :
inurl: only handles one word/term after the colon.
allinurl: can handle several words/terms after the colon.

You have to play around with these things to better understand how they work. It is hard to explain in text, so I am not sure I have been clear/correct.

Otherwise, you could just add "Orange Crush" (ie - the forum name, in quotation marks), to your search terms - as the forum you are in is always listed at the top of each page.

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