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Originally Posted by Urbaneccessity602
Nice bike...who makes the saddlebags? Those are humongous. Mounting system? specs....
they are saddlemen drifters (slant)

they are really too big for me because they cover up the rear pegs - I want to go down a size, maybe two

but they hold a boatload of gear

they are throwovers so they go on and off in about 5 minutes or less

I used these lugggage racks - cheapest solution out there and the most discreet looking I think - available here for around fifty bucks

(not my bike, pic is cribed from the sellers website)

the vendor is a pretty good guy to trade with too

I am selling my bags to get some smaller ones

I have a motofizz bag I like a lot so I just do not need that kind of space


I wanna sell them so if you want them send me an email and maybe we can work something out
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