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I've taken a bunch of "panoramic" shots but was never too impressed with the results after I stitched them together. When I saw this thread, I downloaded a trial version of Photovista Panorama . It seems to work OK, but in 45 minutes of use it crashed about 10 times - really started to get old.

Anyhow, here are some reduced size versions of the results along with links to the original size (but reduced quality) files.

Upper Sardine Lake (395K)

Lake Tahoe (467K)

Somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas #1 (455K)

Somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas #2 (440K)

Yosemite NP - Half Dome (255K)

View from the new Carquinez Bridge (168K)

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge (423K)

All the original files are cleverly hidden on my website at
Bill Bornman
Pleasant Hill, California.
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