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So I was following Andrew
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Re: Re: Here's one indoors

Said Ricardo Kuhn:
I love the 360 degree view of your bike,,,how did you do that just walk around it
It was pretty simple actually.

I marked 16 spots equidistant from the bike (every 22.5). I pretty much eyeballed them as my son held a rope in the center and marked them on the driveway with chalk.

Then I put the camera on top of a stick to keep the height the same and took 16 shots from around the bike. I imagined that the camera was aimed at the middle of the crank in each shot.

I briefly pulled them into Photoshop to align them on the center of the bike and then exported out the files. The real trick came in the software I used to make the QTVR Object. I used VR Toolbox which imports the pics and pops out the QTVR.

For those who missed it, the Big one (2.3MB) is here and the Small (236k) one is here. You need Quicktime to view them.

Hope that helps.

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