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Originally Posted by 20070411
If it has a motor (electric or internal combustion) then it is a motor vehicle. You will need registration, inspection, and insurance.

You will also need to be >= 15 years old and have at least a restrictive "k" class "m" motorcycle license.

I know personally that a no insurance ticket will be a $1000 fine from the State of Texas over a three year period. You might also be subject to a license suspension and be forced to get an SR22 insurance policy to get it back.

It appears that the inspection is less restrictive for a moped though.


* * * * *

(b) A moped is subject to inspection in the same manner as a motorcycle, except that the only items of equipment required to be inspected are the brakes, headlamps, rear lamps, and reflectors, which must comply with the standards prescribed by Sections 547.408 and 547.801.

Registration. Every owner of a motor vehicle, including motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds that will be ridden on public roadways, must register their vehicle through the County Tax Collector in their county of residence. A license plate must be attached to the rear of the vehicle, and must include a sticker showing current registration.
Inspection. All motor vehicles registered in Texas, including motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds, must be inspected each year at an official motor vehicle inspection station. When the motorcycle passes inspection, an approved certificate must be placed near the rear license plate. These certificates are good for one year from the month of inspection.
Insurance. All motor vehicle operators must show proof of liability insurance when the vehicle is registered or inspected, or when getting an operator license.
So, I'm a legal resident of Fergus County, MT. I have my cars and KLR 650 registered there, and they don't require registration on the moped. Now what? I live in Texas because I'm in the military, do I go by Montana law, or Texas? HELP!!!
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