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Originally Posted by KLboxeR
With regards to a CV welder, doesn't stickout or arc length determine voltage to the degree it will vary at a given setting?

The elements of the shield gas determine the arc voltage of any particular length of plasma.

The Constant Voltage, or CV, moniker given to MIG supplies is at best, misleading.

The wirefeed motor in the power supply directly controls the arc length. NOT the arc voltage.

The arc voltage, and the power supply voltage, are directly controlled by the physics of the plasma.

It is the arc that controls the MIG power supply, not the other way around.

The arc voltage is determined by the elements in the plasma, and the length of the plasma. And no power supply, even the ConEd power station with a few gigawatts, can overrule an element's physical and electrical properties.

The term Constant Voltage is misleading. No power supply is capable of creating an arc voltage different than what the shield gas elemental properties dictate.

And for a given arc length, the physical properties of helium produces a higher arc voltage than argon.

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