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Originally Posted by KLboxeR
With regards to a CV welder, doesn't stickout or arc length determine voltage to the degree it will vary at a given setting?
The voltage will remain the same if the electrical stickout is close or far. But..

The "arc length" will increase if your stickout is closer. And your arc length will decrease if you pull a longer stickout. All the while your constant voltage MIG welder will always try to maintain the voltage that is set on the machines controls.

The reason that the arc length changes is because there is a longer amount of welding wire that is sticking out of the contact tip that makes extra resistance. Since resistance increases the welder has to adjust too and this causes the arc length of plasma to shorten.

So usually you want to maintain a 5/8 inch stickout. If you get farther away from the weld puddle (1 inch or more stickout) the arc will lose arc length and spudder and pop.
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