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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
Todd,,,,came across your thread and just finished reading it start to finish,,,
just want to give you ,,,,and,,,for sharing your wisdoms,,,

keep your cool,,,,especially with the devil's advocates,,,i love 'em,,they keep me on my toes and often provide another point of view
+1 as well Todd. I don't envy you your stage, but I admire you taking it.

I think that arc length is, in some ways, more relevant than arc voltage.

Since arc length determines the method of metal filler transfer, you know, short circuit or spray, etc., then that particular arc length must be maintained to ensure a desired method of filler metal transfer.

And for a particular arc length, a length necessary to maintain the method of filler transfer, the shield gas remains as the direct and sole 'selector' of arc voltage.

- Jim


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