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Originally Posted by vibro
Thanks for the great thread. Even though I don't have a welder it's a good read.
Here's a question.
I was told by some welding supply shops not to buy a rig from the big box stores (home depot, etc.) because they are not the same quality as the rigs they sell and they can't (won't) service them because parts are not available. That's why you pay less. Is this true or just a bunch of hooey to get me to buy at their shop?
At this point I probably would buy at a welding supply shop just for the advice and service.
Just wondering.
Telephone tech support and advice seems to be universally thorough from Red or Blue. And that is true regardless where you buy the product.

Many dealers have Ebay stores too. One that I remember is Indiana Oxygen I know people that saved good money on TIG MIG and Plasma Cutters from them.

The part numbers and wiring diagrams for even decades old machines are usually online too and are download-able.

- Jim


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