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Anyone interested in a smokin' deal on a 950? '06 1100 mi I'm looking for $9000.00 Has bags & mounts, removed but included if sold. 16 tooth sprocket and Akro's with inserts installed. Has an aftermarket seat, comfy and taller than stock. I don't have the stock seat. Clear title in hand.

There's a story (isn't there always a story?). I've owned it since Oct '06 when it had 300 or so miles. I rode it until 1000 miles and took it in for the initial service. The damn thing hasn't run right since. Dealer won't/can't help. They took off the canister, but not a full canisterectomy. They have put 3 batteries in it and it needs a new one again. I will buy one for the new owner. With a new battery it will start fine cold, but it needs a full canisterectomy and SAS removal to start well when hot. When it starts, it runs great. Cannot say enough good things about it. As you can see by the lack of miles since the service, it has spent most of its time in the service dept.

Here's where the story gets sticky. I don't have the time to work on the bike every stinkin' time I want to ride. To be honest I'm pissed at the dealer for not wanting to or capable of doing the work I ask them to do. Its not a money thing, I frankly don't care how much they charge me as long as they get the thing right. So far after 4 trips in to the service dept, nothing gets accomplished other than them putting in a new battery and telling me its all good.

I am part owner in a HVAC company that takes up my time during the week. I am also a wrestling coach (Greco, get it?) and that takes up my weekends for competition and my weeknights for practice.

I had every intention of making time for this wonderful bike, but frankly it just hasn't materialized. I think it best to let it go to someone, locally, that will appreciate it and be able to spend the time with it to sort it out correctly. I can email pics, but it truly is as new.

Ned, if this should have gone in the Rocky Mountain Flea Market, please feel free to move it.
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