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Originally Posted by steve gs
A suggestion is to continue the picture thread we have going for "250's and Less" and throw every thing else here. For the first timer it might be initially confusing but the regulars around here can help out.

Somehow this symbol strikes me as a 250cc or less tourer.

The Aerostich people put out a small 78 page booklet called Lightweight Unsupported Motorcycle Travel for Terminal Cases which is available for $5 or included free with orders over $100. I can't say it is worth $5 but it certainly echoes the words spoken here regarding the kind of bikes we prefer.

A quote or two;

"a treatise on touring by motorcycle in a practical and efficient manner"

"...relatively simple equipment and just enough power to get the job done."

"...riding for the sake of riding- almost anything-without worrying about keeping up appearances"

" means having a certain amount of grit, ingenuity, and self reliance."

Notice I said prefer and not the only bikes we like. Our household has a full stable of bikes (12+), from a Polini 911 .... to a BMW K bike. But the one I seem to gravitate to the most is that unassuming DR200SE because of it's pure simplicity/utility and fun factor. I will have to try that KL250? (Super Sherpa) someday to check out that 6spd trans. I'm also a hard core self reliant type; if I can't perform most of the repairs/service on my bike by myself I don't need it!

So let's get on with the ride!
The guy who wrote the book for aerostich toured on an XR650L though didn't he?

I'd do a tour on small bike except for the fact I'm 6'3 and the 600 class bikes just fit me better, I flatfoot my KTM's with the suspension topped out.

Even litre bikes and harleys leave me feeling cramped for leg room after a couple days, the real tall DS bikes fit just right. :)

Some of the 400 class bikes might be tall enough though.
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