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Well I've lurked and PM'd some of you TE 610 guys to long without putting in my 2 cents. This thread was invaluable in my decision to finally get off of the fence and purchase one of my very own. The IMS tank pushed me over as I just felt I needed at least 4+ gallons to feel safe about traveling places I've never ventured.

I've owned a KTM 950, a DRZ400E, a DR650, XR650L and I'm on my 5th. BMW Oilhead GS. They've all been excellent bikes except for the Austrian machine but then again maybe I should have waited a year before buying one. It just seemed that the support I got from the factory didn't live up to what I expected but thats a whole other story for another thread.

I bought my 06 model from a fellow Forumite and it was well equipped with heated grips, Aceribis Rally Pro's, Utah skidplate and radiator gaurds. He bought it from the good folks at Battones in Pa. and had them set it up to his weight and shorter the mine inseam. I'm in the process of changing them both as I'm in need of a little more suspension and seat height. I bought the IMS 4.3 gallon tank and it arrived home before the bike it self. I haven't installed it yet as I haven't ventured out to were I thought I would need it.

Here are my thought's so far on this Italian machine with the Swedish name.
The power of this thing is surreal, anywhere in the entire RPM range the torque and hp will pull you out of 99% of what might get you in trouble. The only time it worked against my forward momentum was when I applied to much throttle in the middle of a 50' mudhole. It threw me about 20 degrees off of center which put me in line with some greenery on the side of the trail. The Utah skidplate did it's job well by protecting the cases from some of the rocky terrain we encountered on the trails in the UP. In the sand the thing handles well as long as you are on the throttle. The lack of weight and power on hand made short order of some pretty long stretchs of sand. My companions on heavier and underpowered models had there hands full and they were not able to keep up with me. Once again you have to use the power on hand judicially or I could see myself getting in trouble fast.

I should of listened to you guy's about those footpeg bolts as one of them gave up the ghost about 50 miles into a good days ride. It prevented me from doing much standing on the pegs for the rest of the day but I survived none the less. I happened to luck out by meeting a great bunch of guy's in the middle of nowhere and one of them happened to have a well equipped race shop at home. He had the reqiured EZ outs and even some hardened bolts in stock. Great guy and an excellent shop located just where I needed them, unreal. Heck I offered to pay him and he wouldn't take a dime, I did how ever buy him dinner the next evening.

The TE is by far the best dualsport that I've owned if you are into the serious offroad stuff. There are better offroad bikes and road bikes but I said "Dualsport". It wouldn't be my choice of traveling from Wisconsin to Colorado or Idaho but once there it would definitely get the job done. This is so far the best smaller dualsport I've owned.

Thanks for everone's input and I hope to see you out there some time soon. If this helps sway just one person to the fold I feel I've done my part to increase our numbers.

Ride Safe,
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