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Got a Djebel 200 (suspected 1997 model) for my wife recently.

Now she waits for her appointment to get her learners (She has to travel 130km one way to get an appoinmtment within three weeks. Local traffic department: Come back in five months.

And they wonder why the youngsters ride without license.

In the meantime I am busy with getting the little thing into shape.
With most of my dirt experience being from messing around with DR650SE, KLR650 A and C and Baghiras I was amazed how sure footed and easy the little DR is.
It climbs up the steepest slopes as if they aren't there. Deep sandpits that require concentration and a bit of bravery when negotiated on a 650 are a laugh on the little 200.

After half an hour on the 200 I was doing things I would consider twice before an attempt on a 650.
I even managed to put the thing into wild slides on the hardpacked gravel car park of the tennis club opposite my shop

As soon as license issues are resolved we will go on a nice trip down the Grear Bergriver to St. Helena Bay. All on farm roads and trying to avoid tarmac whereever possible.

IMHO the bike is a great bike for a beginner, it's a cheap commuter and it's still a lot of fun to ride for someone like me with 20years+ of riding experience. Just stay away from freeways!

Only negative so far is non existent dealer support here in Cape Town. The Djebel was a grey import. Luckily (I thought) it shares the engine and most other components with the DR200SE:
Tried to get the valve clearance settings from the local workshop just to find out they don't know although the DR200SE is an officially imported model and they have even sold a few already

Next step: Organize Suzuki workshop manual.
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